Meet the Curate

Wim Kuiper

Wim was born in the Netherlands and came to the UK in 2018 to study Theology in Cambridge. In 2020 he started to serve as Curate in this parish. Before this, he worked at the University of Maastricht, in local government and, lastly, as the head of the Dutch Association for Catholic and Christian Schools.

Wim has three children in their thirties, Anne, Vincent and Clemens, living in three different countries: Netherlands, Australia and Germany. He also has three grandchildren, Jurre and Emma in Holland and Nina in Melbourne. Since his marriage broke up in 2007, he staid single.

Having been brought up as a Christian, he lost and found afresh his faith in Christ later on in life. He also rediscovered how lifegiving the connection with the church is, as a place of sharing faith and coming close to God in worship, word and sacrament. Wim sees the importance of the church also in its service for the wider community; by providing faith, hope and love in all kinds of ways and by passing on the light of Christ in a world that desperately needs this.

You can contact Wim by email: and by telephone: 07394555152. He lives at: 2 Whitebark, Sunderland, SR3 2NX. Monday is his day off.