Christenings – Frequently Asked Questions

Are you thinking of getting your child Christened here at St Matthew’s & St Wilfrid’s but are not sure of a few things? Here are the questions we are most often asked:

How much does it Cost?  – There is no financial cost to you if you come to have your child Christened here, baptism is a gift within the grace of God and Christenings are provided here at St Matthew’s & St Wilfrid’s at no cost.

How many children will be Christened at the service? – It is our practice to only have two families per service in order to make the day as personal as we can while ensuring that all who want christening can come to St Matthew’s.

How many Godparents can we have? – While it was traditional to have three god parents there is no real limit, you do not need to be worried about leaving someone important out of this part of your child’s life.

Do Godparents need to be Christened?  – The Church of England requires all godparents to have been baptised in a christian church (this can be in any denomination). We do not christen adults so that they can be god parents here at St Matthew’s & St Wilfrid’s but will talk to anyone about the possibility of adult baptism.

Do you Christen Adults? – If an adult has an active Christian faith and attends church regularly then we would love to have them baptised here at St Matthew’s & St Wilfrid’s  there are some preparation classes to attend where we can talk things through. We could also talk to you about being confirmed by the Bishop.

If you have any more questions why not ask in the box below and we will email you back.

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