Here at St Matthew’s and St Wilfrid’s we believe that Christening is important for three reasons:

Firstly we come to give thanks to God for your child. Life is a precious gift and as such a child’s Christening service allows family and friends to gather together and thank God for them, the joy they bring and the potential they have.

Secondly we believe that Christening recognises the start of a child’s journey in the Christian faith.

Thirdly we believe that something very special happens when you get a child, a Vicar and some water together. A child’s Christening is a special moment when God draws near.

We hold our Christening services at 12:30 every Sunday in the Parish Church. If you want to book a Christening  at St Matthew’s & St Wilfrid’s you can now do this using our online form and we will contact you within 5 days of receiving your details. Please note we can only take bookings from parents or someone who has parental care for the child.

Click here for Online Booking Form

If you want to be baptised as an Adult then things are somewhat different for more information please see our Adult Baptism page.

In the meantime you may have questions you want to ask please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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