2020 Christmas Memorial Trees

This year has been a dark one for us all but particularly for those who have lost someone they love this Christmas and have not had the opportunity to say goodbye the way  they would have been able to.

The truth is we all miss people at Christmas and it is a time of year and our memorial trees are a place where you can come to mark the memories that you hold so dear.

In the churchyard of St Matthew’s Silksworth alongside the North of the church are four Christmas trees. From 11am on Sunday 6th December you will also find a box with a supply of Stars and pens, please write the name of those whom you love and miss this Christmas and place them in the grass around the trees.

The trees will be blessed following Holy Communion on Sunday 6th December, the service of blessing can be downloaded using the link below

Blessing of the Trees

This has been made possible by the generosity of our partners in this community project, Derek Moss Funeral Directors, Four Seasons Florists, Ian Wood Memorials, Peter Dodd’s Funeral Directors, The School Outfit (Little Gems), Scollen & Wright Funeral Services and Scott’s Memorials of Distinction.